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Monica(Weller) and Paul Tiffany met in October 2004 while Paul was working in the area. A true love at first sight, they married in July 2005 and have been working together ever since.

The couple has tried it all. A strong background in painting, home construction, remodeling, and decorating combined with a love for agriculture and rural life led them to open Tiffany & Weller (formerly McGregor Mercantile) in 2016.

Tiffany & Weller represents two individual people who inspire each other to continue to build a unique business. Choosing the brand name Tiffany & Weller allowed Monica and Paul to acknowledge their individual talents and also say thank you to the Weller family.

Their retail store's tag line is "Make Your House A Home" as they carry a wide variety of home décor, including candles, farmhouse style furniture, greenery,  soaps and lotions (another product line made on their farm), and so much more.

Having a storefront in small rural community means getting creative to stay sustainable. The couple found the best way to keep costs down and quality high was to manufacture as many products themselves which led to them building their own wood signs. Their signs are handcrafted right  in their wood shop in the back of their store and they have just added a second machine on their farm. They are made of real wood which has been sustainably logged.  All of the signs are engraved, not stenciled, using a CNC router.  The sign blanks are painted then clamped to the router. The designs are programmed on the computer and then the flash drive is connected to the router to start the carving process. After they are carved they go to their framing department for the finishing touches. The signs have gone over well and they are now expanding into the wholesale market.

What's next? The couple has plans to further connect their home farmstead with their storefront. Their plans include a storefront on their farm, a creamery, rental home on the farm and lots of fun events. Stay tuned to see the progress!

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